Outdoor Dining Tables

27 Exceptionally Elegant Outdoor Dining Tables

Nothing beats the pleasure of a meal under the open sky. Over the years, I’ve transformed my backyard into a private dining oasis, and the centerpiece? My outdoor dining table. Here’s my personal take on

36 Modern garden paving ideas for your outdoor space

Garden paving is the way to go if you want to give your outdoor space a modern edge. With sleek contemporary looks or cozy traditional designs, there’s something for everyone. Porcelain tiles and natural stone

28 Refreshing Tropical Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking to add a touch of paradise to your outdoor space, tropical landscaping is the perfect way to do it. With lush foliage and vibrant colors, tropical landscaping can transform any backyard into

Landscape flower bed ideas

27 Fantastic Landscape Flower Bed Ideas

Landscaping is one of the great joys for homeowners, and making your garden look amazing doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are a few tools, some patience, and imagination. The first step is

hanging basket ideas

25 Unusual Hanging Basket Ideas

Hanging baskets are a great way to add some color and charm to your porch this summer! There’s no need for a lot of space, just the right location and the perfect planter will do.

pathway lighting ideas

25 Pathway Lighting Ideas for Amazing Landscape

Pathway lighting is a great way to enhance your outside space and bring out the beauty of your home. Pathway lights are typically placed at the edges of pathways, driveways, and sidewalks to give off

Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

65 Great Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Outdoor furniture is a great investment for any homeowner. It adds comfort and style to patios, decks, and porches. Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular as people are trying to get the

34 Live Edge Outdoor Dining Table Suggestions

Do you want to add some style and character to your outdoor space? Live edge dining tables are a great way to do just that. These unique pieces of furniture are made from trees with

Bohemian Garden Ideas on a Budget

25 Bohemian Garden Ideas on a Budget

The Bohemian style is beautiful and timeless. It looks and feels amazing, and you can add it anywhere you want without any hassle. It works particularly great in a backyard, but it can be a

Poolside Furniture Ideas

27 Outdoor Poolside Furniture Ideas

We thought it was time to share some of our favorite outdoor furniture ideas for your poolside retreat. Whether it’s a simple dining table, a patio area umbrella, or a floating chair. We have put

Backyard Inground Pool Ideas

Pool design can be a big decision, but it is one that you will not regret. In this blog post, we will talk about inground pool backyard ideas and how to make the best choice

Patio Makeover on a Bduget

Patio Makeover on a Bduget (Affordable Ideas)

Doing a patio makeover is not as hard as it might seem. Sure, you will want to repaint your deck or remove the old one and replace it with something that will last for years

Backyard Decor Ideas on a Budget

High-end Backyard Decor Ideas on a Budget

There are a lot of different ways to decorate your backyard. Some people like the look of an old-fashioned fire pit. Others prefer a contemporary covered patio or even a beautiful covered pool. I am

27 Backyard Pool House Pictures

A backyard pool house does bring some extra comfort to your outdoor swimming pool area. You can choose from some options regarding this topic, as these kind of support areas for swimming pools are adaptable

26 Unusual Custom Pools

Custom pools come in various shapes and sizes; after all, it’s all about creating a swimming pool that matches not only the space you have available but also the kind of design you like best

29 Great Landscape Design Ideas

Today we bring you an assortment of great landscape design ideas. Do expect different suggestions from this post, from path displays to curbing, flower ideas, and plants, here you will find enough home landscape ideas