Cheri Biggs

Cheri Biggs is the creator of Backyard Mastery, a website to help you transform your backyard into an oasis. Cheri’s passion for her backyard began in 2003 when she was living in the suburbs and wanted a space to enjoy with her kids and pets.

She began by making small changes in her backyard, but now she has completely transformed her outdoor living space into a modern oasis that’s both kid-friendly and luxurious.

Cheri previously worked as an editor for other backyard-related websites before she created Backyard Mastery.

Backyard Mastery has been featured in media outlets around the world. Cheri’s work has also been recognized by some of the top influencers in home design and decor.

Backyard Mastery has incredible budget-friendly ideas, designs, and hacks that make anyone’s backyard stand out.

If you want to contact Cheri or anyone on the Backyard Mastery team, you can do so through the contact page.

You can also contact through Twitter and Facebook. Or check out Backyard Mastery’s Pinterest account to learn more!