37 Great Swimming Pool Pergola Designs for a Balanced Outdoor Space

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In this article, we’ve put together the best swimming pool pergola designs we could find for you to get the perfect custom pergola shade for your and your family and friends delight and to help you in your quest to locate the pergola pool designs that suit the space you want to create or renovate finding the best ones for you!

Is a swimming pool pergola exactly what you need? If you are about to design your swimming pool space for your yard, you are in for a treat.

A swimming pool pergola can offer shade, seating, and storage options all in one, and also create a balanced space for your backyard!

Swimming Pool Pergolas are a great addition to any outdoor space. Swimming pool pergolas can be installed in various configurations- from free standing to attached versions that attach to the side of pools.

Swimming pool pergolas are available in many styles, colors, heights, and materials so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs!

What is a pool pergola?

A pool pergola is a type of roof that is designed to cover the area around a swimming pool.

This design provides shade and protection from rain while also providing decorative features, such as vines, flowers, or shrubbery.

There are many different styles of pergolas that can be used in your backyard including the Grecian style, Victorian style, and rustic styled designs.

A pool pergola will provide you with both functional and aesthetic benefits because it helps keep your family cool during those hot summer days while also adding beauty to any outdoor space! If you’re interested

Can you have a pergola over a pool?

If there is enough space over your swimming pool for a pergola, then go ahead and build one. Just make sure that the design of the pergola does not block any part of the pool.

A pergola over a pool offers shade, as well as an open space where people can lounge around on chairs. The design of this type of structure can vary significantly depending on the homeowner’s needs and desires.

Many homeowners select to place a pergola over the pool simply for its aesthetically pleasing look, while others incorporate a more specific function into this outdoor area.

The most common type of design incorporates an arbor-like structure that matches similar structures in the yard. This makes it appear as though the structure was built specifically for the space.

What are the benefits of a pergola over a pool?

The biggest benefit to having a pergola over your swimming pool is that it will create an outdoor living space.

This is especially helpful in the summer because you can combine cooking and entertaining into one open area.

It gives people another place to sit and relax instead of just by the pool.

What is a covered area by a pool called?

The covered area by a pool is called a pergola or gazebo.

A gazebo is a structure that is similar to a pergola but usually has walls.

The difference between the two structures is often just in the design, which makes each one unique.


We hope to help you find the ideal swimming pool pergola design, and create the best space for you and your loved ones to enjoy once the warm weather kicks in and the sun come up to play.

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