26 Unusual Custom Pools

Custom pools come in various shapes and sizes; after all, it’s all about creating a swimming pool that matches not only the space you have available but also the kind of design you like best and that suits your home’s style. Either you are looking at creating an indoor pool or an outdoor one, there are some ideas you may want to consider, and we hope this post will be able to help you out in deciding what you are actually looking for for your new swimming pool. Some of the best pools have that name because of being unique and fully adapted to the environment around, and that’s probably one of the main arguments for you to leave the status quo behind and go for a fully personalized swimming pool. Everyone has the regular rectangular pool we are all used to see, so why not go creative and look into custom pools with details that make them one of a kind? Our team has searched for some of the best ideas available online and put them together in a curated gallery for you to take a close look at. Some of these creative custom pools are exquisite because of the place where they were installed, such as the rooftop or the basement, while others have interesting unseen shapes or have details that make them unique. By browsing this post’s gallery of custom pools, you will have a general idea of what you could plan for your new pool so you can show your designer and have them create the right swimming pool for your home. Today we have got pools with bars or lounging areas, pools with unexpected islands, swimming pools that align the swimming pool aspect with natural details, rocks, waterfalls and more. We hope you find the right custom pools ideas somewhere in our gallery.

Cheri Bigs from backyardmastery.com

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