28 Refreshing Tropical Landscaping Ideas

This post is all about the freshest tropical landscaping ideas available online, and it is filled with great ideas on which plants you can pick, and mix, to create the best garden possible. From simple ideas ideal for your small front yard to great ideas for backyards, you will certainly find suggestions you can put to practice among the pictures contained in our gallery.

You can work with planters, or create a whole tropical ambiance to your garden by combining the right plants with exterior design tricks to make the most out of your outdoor space. There are also great ways to include tropical landscaping ideas around a water feature, such as a pond, or around your swimming pool, to create the balance between the luscious greenery and the water. Succulent plants are a great asset in this kind of outdoor design, as they are known for being drought tolerant, and some of them can fully adapt to colder weather too.

The matter is finding out which kind of plants would work best with your tropical landscaping ideas and survive the weather wherever you live. You command what’s inside your fence, and why not go tropical if that suits the style of your house? After collecting the ideas you like best from the pictures our team has put together, you can plan your new landscape in a DIY fashion.

Then, you can present them to your landscape designer so they can translate your ideas into the best ones that would suit everything about your home, being it localization, style, weather, or space you have available for your new garden. The darkest shades of green look amazing in these kinds of gardens, combined with deep reds that pop out and give it a live feeling to your tropical landscaping ideas.

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Cheri Biggs

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