What Is a Rick of Wood? – How Many Ricks In a Cord Of Wood?

What Is a Rick of Wood - Photo of a rick of wood

When buying wood for your fire pit you will need to know about the different units of measurement for firewood. There are different ways of measuring firewood that can be a bit confusing. A rick of wood is another term that people use when referring to firewood.

A rick of firewood is a unit of measurement for the quantity of wood. A rick, traditionally refers to any large pile or stack, usually consisting mostly of logs that have been built up in preparation for use as fuel.

Why is it called a rick of wood?

The term rick derives from the Old English word “hreac” which means “heap” and was first used in reference to timber construction meaning “a set number required for the construction of a building”.

Rick is also known as a stack of any other material, such as hay, left exposed to the elements.

Is a Cord of Wood the Same as a Rick?

No, a cord of wood is not the same as a rick. A cord of wood is a more widely accepted term than a rick of wood. A cord is defined as “an amount of stacked firewood, cut to standard lengths and widths, that when ‘stacked’ occupies an area equivalent to 128 cubic feet.

A rick, when referring to firewood will always be less than the size of a cord.

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How much is a rick of wood? (Size of a rick of wood)

In reference to firewood, the size of a rick can vary depending on location, type of wood (dried or unseasoned), and how it is measured.

Rick of wood is any stack of firewood 4 feet tall, 8 feet long, and cut 16 inches long.

It’s a standard measurement that tells you how much wood you have in your pile without having to measure it for volume.

A rick of wood contains one full cord or 128 cubic feet of firewood which is the standard for measured volume.

A cord of wood measures 4 feet wide x 4 feet tall by 8 feet long and has a total volume of 128 cubic feet or 7.3 cubic meters.

You can expect more split firewood in a cord than in a rick.

How much does a rick of wood weigh?

A cord of wood weighs roughly 2 tons, which is equal to 2000 pounds. One rick of wood is approximately 1/3 cord or 33% of the total volume. Therefore, it weighs around 660 pounds, depending on what type of wood it is made from.

Will a rick of wood fit in a pickup?

A rick of wood will fit in a pickup, but you may not fit a cord of wood in a pickup truck since it is bigger.

If you want to make sure you can fit a cord of wood in your pickup truck, you should buy half a cord of wood instead.

How many ricks of wood will I need?

The number of ricks you will need depends on the quantity of firewood you will need to burn or the size of the place you are trying to heat.

To heat a home during the winter a single rick will not be enough. You will need to buy more than one rick of wood depending on the size of your home and where you live.

How long would it take to burn through a rick of wood?

If the wood is seasoned, the standard rick of wood will burn for around 2 to 3 days.

If you are burning unseasoned firewood, it could last half that time or less. In general, a cord of wood will provide between 12-24 hours of heat if burned in an average size house.

If you are using the firewood to burn in a fire pit it will definitely burn faster and you will need several ricks of wood to keep the fire burning all night.

How much does a rick of wood cost?

The rick price depends on how much firewood you buy. Depending on the market, anywhere from $150 to $300 per rick.

A full cord of dry seasoned wood will cost roughly between $200 to $400 depending on where you live and if it’s split or not.

In Conclusion

The size of a rick can vary depending on location, type of wood (dried or unseasoned), and how it is measured.

The best way to measure your firewood purchase is by the cord which has a standard measurement that tells you how much wood you have in your pile without having to measure for volume.

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