Spartan Mower Reviews – A Look at the Features and Benefits

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Spartan Mowers was founded in 2015 by Robert and Becky Foster in Louisville, Kentucky. Although Spartan was founded in 2015, Robert and Becky Foster have been in the manufacturing business since 2013, when they set up the intimidator group, which is the parent company to five brands, including Spartan.

They manufacture everything from push lawnmowers to UTV’s Disc plows, chainsaws, leaf blowers, and trimmers. Spartan mowers specialize in heavy-duty zero-turn mowers which have modern aggressive styling and are powered by either a Kawaski or Briggs and Stratton engines.

Many owners have talked about how pleased they are with the performance and durability of their Spartan mower. Each mower can be individually designed to suit the owner’s needs. Another highly talked about point by owners is the strength of the steel used in the cutting deck.

Below you’ll more information and all the Spartan mower reviews you need to help you decide whether or not this is a brand you should consider investing in.

Overview of Spartan Mowers

Now we’ll be discussing the performance, durability, price, warranties, and customer support of Spartan Mowers.

We’ll delve into the features that make these mowers stand out in the market and examine how they compare to other brands in terms of performance and durability. Additionally, we will explore the pricing available for these mowers and examine the warranties and customer support offered by the company.


The performance of Spartan mowers is widely known to be excellent. Spartan mowers came into existence because Robert and Becky Foster could see a gap in the market for a mower that was built using the best components for each section of the mower.

For example, the hydrostatic wheel drives on some zero-turn mowers can be a bit of a let-down, so Robert and Becky decided to use the best wheel drives they could find- Parker HTE10cc wheel motors.

This is only one area they have decided to max out, though. By using Kawaski and Briggs and Stratton engines to provide power, they are giving the customer the highest performance and durability from massive companies.

One of the areas where Spartan shows its innovative design is in the user interface on the control panel dashboard. Spartan have decided to do away with the need for a key to start their mowers – it simply requires that the machine is in neutral with the brake on and the engine is started by pressing a button.

The Spartan zero turn mower also has an electronic PTO on-off button which has a soft start to eliminate damaging implement starts.


There is no doubt about the durability of Spartan mowers. Each component Spartan use in the manufacture of their zero-turn mowers is scrutinized, and the durability tested.

The cutting deck on Spartan mowers is made from the thickest steel from any of the zero-turn mower manufacturers. This ensures the machine’s longevity because Robert and Becky know from experience that the mower deck receives the brunt of the damage on a zero-turn mower.

If your mower deck gets bent or twisted, it affects the height settings and can damage the blade bearing housings, resulting in the blades being knocked off their timing.

It’s not only the mower deck that received the heavy-duty treatment, though. The whole chassis is made of heavy gauge steel.

Other areas that have been robustly made are the mounts for the front and rear suspension. These areas have been over-engineered to take on the extreme forces encountered when traveling at speed over uneven ground.


Spartan mowers offer incredible value for money when you look at the quality of the components for the price.

The Spartan RZ Series has all the performance of a commercial mower but with the price of a residential mower starting at $4899. This is incredible value for money when compared to a leading brand name machine of a similar specification.

The RT series is the mid-size mower and the basis for commercial starter mowers. Released in 2020, they offer a higher-performance machine than the RZ series without the higher price tag of the SRT full commercial mower. The RT series mowers start at a price of $6199, which includes easy-touch brakes, an easy-lift deck, vibration control, and mower speeds of up to 11mph.

The SRT is an all-singing, all-dancing, commercial-grade mower. These mowers can cover serious ground with cutting widths of 54 to 72” and engine Horsepower from 25 to 37 HP. The starting price for an SRT is only $8899. It is almost half the price compared to a similar spec 56” Husqvarna priced at $14920.


All Spartan mowers come with a 3-year or 300-hour warranty.

This excerpt is taken from the Spartan RZ-C 3-year warranty statement:

“Spartan Mowers will, at its option, repair or replace, without charge any part covered by the warranty which is found to be defective in material and/or workmanship within three (3) years or 300 hours, whichever occurs first after the original date of retail sale.”

Customer support 

There are hundreds of Spartan dealers situated throughout North America. Parts, servicing, and good customer support are of the utmost importance to Spartan. Help is always nearby and quick to respond.

Maintenance guides

Spartan mowers provide maintenance tips for their customers in the form of an off-season maintenance program. In their guide, they discuss the following areas:

Fuel- The fuel system should be drained at the end of the season, and if you don’t like the idea of this, you should add a fuel stabilizer before putting the machine away.

Oil – Spartan mowers advise owners to change the oil and fuel filters before a new season begins.

Spark plugs – They should be removed, and a teaspoon of oil should be added to the piston chamber at the end of the season.

Cleaning – The mower should be thoroughly cleaned before storage and kept in a dry shed away from dampness.

At the start of each new season, the mower should be given a full check over, ensuring belts and linkages are adjusted, bolts are tight, blades are sharpened, and oil and fuel checked.

Spartan mowers line-up

RZ series 

The RZ series is the homeowner series of mowers. Although you should not think for one second that it is a lower-quality mower, all Spartan mowers are of the highest quality.

The RZ series features cutting deck widths from 42” to 61” and engine horsepower from 21.5 to 25Hp. The RZ-C mowers have 4” deep decks allowing for better maneuverability, 22” Turf tires, and a Tuff Torq 400 transmission.

RT series 

The RT series of mowers have cutting width from 54” to a massive 72”They are powered by engines of 24 to 36 horsepower.

There are two versions of the RT – the RT-Pro and the RT-HD. The RT Pro has a 6” deep cutting deck, 7 gauge thickness metal deck system, GT trac for steep land, easy touch brakes, easy deck lift, and anti-vibration control. The RT – HD is the heavier-duty version and is spec’d to be used as a commercial mower.

SRT series 

The SRT series of mowers are commercial spec mowers fitted with high-powered 16cc Parker wheel drive motors and big block engines.

It is also fitted with five-layer smart ride technology consisting of front and rear radial tires, rear suspension, Tecspak sprung seat mounts, and Dymetrol sprung type adjustable seat.

The SRT mower comes in cutting widths from 54” to 72” and features engines powered from 24 to a massive 40 horsepower.

Pros and Cons of spartan mowers

By weighing the pros and cons, you can make a more informed decision about whether a Spartan mower is the right choice for you. This will save you time and money in the long run and ensures that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The cons

  • Starting problems – Some owners reported that they had difficulty starting their mowers at the start of the season. The problem was usually found to be quite simple. It was a dirty spark plug or stale fuel.
  • Not charging the battery – Sometimes, the battery fails to charge properly. It is usually a faulty alternator, or the battery needs to be replaced. They are not significant problems but frustrating all the same.

The Pros.

  • Spartan mowers are very well made – The quality of the components is second to none.
  • They are durable – Almost everyone I have met who owned a Spartan mower has talked about how durable and strong their machines are.
  • Value for money – It is hard to find another manufacturer which provides such a high-spec machine for a similar price.

What do customers say about Spartan mowers? 


  • Almost every Spartan customer I spoke with said the same thing – they are beyond impressed with how well the mower is made. 
  • The wide turf tires provide a massive amount of grip while being gentle on the grass.
  • The access to the cutting deck pulleys is amazing – so convenient to clean out or check belts.


  • As the mowers are so well made and made from heavy gauge steel they are not easy to move if they’re not started. If you have a bad battery or run out of fuel, it won’t be going anywhere fast, even with the help of someone else to push.
  • Users in Canada have reported that dealerships are not very convenient to reach, and sometimes long distances need to be traveled.

Common FAQ on Spartan Mowers

Are Spartan Mowers Expensive?

No, Spartan mowers are not expensive – they offer excellent value for money. They use high-quality components in their mowers and have been proven to be reliable and durable.

What Engine Do Spartan Mowers Use?

Spartan mowers use Kawasaki and Briggs and Stratton engines.

What Is The Price Of A Spartan 60 Mower?

The Spartan RT HD 61 mower costs $11995 – this is a very high-spec heavy-duty machine.

What Is The Price Of Spartan Zero-Turn Mowers?

Spartan Zero turn mower starts in price from $4899.

How Long Has Spartan Mowers Been Around?

Spartan mowers were first produced in 2015 and have been growing in strength every year – they offer high quality and value for money.

How Long Will A Spartan Mower Last?

A Spartan mower should last between 25 and 30 years with regular servicing and maintenance. 

How Long Is A Spartan Mower Warranty?

Each new Spartan mower comes with a 3-year or 300 hours warranty. During this time Spartan will fix or replace any qualifying component free of charge.

Are Spartan Mowers Commercial Grade? 

All Spartan zero-turn mowers are commercial grade with the exception of the RZ series of mowers. The next series up, the RT series, consists of the RT-pro and the RT HD. The RT HD is the heavy-duty version, and Spartan lists this as a starter commercial machine.

Are Spartan Mowers Good On Hills?

Spartan mowers are one of the best mowers for working on hills. The wide-grip turf tires provide excellent grip and stability.

Although Spartan mowers are a relatively new manufacturer, they have proven to be among the best mowers you can buy. By analyzing and dissecting the faults of major manufacturers mowers, Robert and Becky Foster have created a super durable and reliable mower. This focus on quality has gained the brand a fantastic reputation.

In this article, we discussed three of the models on offer – the RZ, the RT, and the SRT. While the RZ is focused on homeowners the RT and the SRT are for more commercial use.

Each model, irrespective of size, has built-in durability, which is key to all Spartan mowers. I am confident there will be many more Spartan owners in the coming years- will you be one?