27 Cozy Small Backyard Deck Designs

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Turning a small backyard into an intimate oasis has always been one of my passions. Over the years, I’ve played around with numerous deck designs and materials, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. So, let me guide you through the maze of decking decisions, peppered with my firsthand experiences.

Choosing Deck Materials: What I’ve Tried and Tested

Materials matter. They dictate the feel, look, and longevity of your deck. And having worked with a few, I can share some genuine insights.

Wood Decks: These have always been my sentimental favorites. The warmth, the natural look – it’s classic. But my cedar deck taught me a lesson about the commitment to maintenance. Staining every couple of years is a must if you don’t want it to lose its charm.

Composite Decking: Remember that summer party where no one worried about spilled wine? That was on my composite deck. It’s durable, resistant to common nuisances, and so versatile in appearance. A bit pricier than wood, but the low maintenance is a sweet trade-off.

Plastic Decking: While I haven’t had this one long enough for a multi-season experience, I’ve enjoyed its resistance to elements. It does come at a premium cost, but the variety in design makes it tempting.

Fun Fact: Did you know that not all plastic decks are slippery when wet? Some come with a grain-like texture to provide traction.

Deck Styles I’ve Fallen in Love With

Deck designs are aplenty, and each offers something unique. Let’s wander through the styles that caught my eye:

Raised Deck: I had one of these in a house that overlooked a beautiful valley. Elevated views, a slight breeze, and the feeling of being on a pedestal. It’s magical, especially if your yard is uneven.

Platform Deck: Simple, elegant, and right there on the ground. My aunt has one, and I can vouch for its effortless charm and easy maintenance.

Ground-Level Deck: The seamless transition this style offers between your indoors and the garden outside is heartwarming. Picture sliding glass doors opening to a continuation of your living space.

Free Standing Platform: The wanderer’s choice. Not bound to any structure, you decide its spot. Perfect if you’re like me, who occasionally enjoys a change of scenery.

Multi-Level Deck: My current favorite. Different levels for different moods. A bit of sun here, a shade there, and a cozy corner for evening chats.

Pro Tip: Use connecting stairs as additional seating or storage in multi-level decks.

Unveiling the Magic: Maximizing Small Spaces

A small space can still host a galaxy of memories. Here’s my take:

  1. Custom-built Decks: Made mine with a cozy nook specifically for my book reading evenings.
  2. Double-Duty Furniture: My built-in bench is not just for sitting; lift the top, and you find my collection of outdoor cushions.
  3. Decor: The hanging planter from last spring added so much life to my deck without occupying any floor space. And those fairy lights? They make every evening starry.

Decorating: It’s All About Being Smart and Stylish

Seating: Space-saving yet comfortable is the key. Built-in seating is a godsend. For my smaller decks, foldable chairs have always done wonders.

Patio Furniture: Remember, functionality marries style. My coffee table, aside from holding mugs, hides away the evening’s blankets.

Decor: Rugs and vertical gardens have been my allies. And for those who have shady decks like mine, string lights weave magic.

Ensuring Privacy and Shade: A Must-Have

A deck isn’t just about the floor or the furniture. It’s also about the ambiance. For me, a pergola has been the crowning glory, offering both shade and an intimate setting. If you’re looking for a quick privacy fix, screens work wonders. My DIY lattice screen became the talk of my summer parties.

In Conclusion

Crafting the perfect small deck is part art, part experience. Dive in, experiment, and let your space echo your personality. And always remember, a deck is not just about aesthetics; it’s an extension of your home, your stories, and your life.

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