30 Outstanding Wood Patios and Decks

Wood patios and decks can be seen as a boring subject. This post comes to break that rule, as you are about to see some examples of outdoor deck areas with various designs that will have you on deck construction for your backyard or garden. Out of all the materials, wooden or composite Trex decks may give you the most options to work with, so sit tight and get ready to start pinning and wishing for your custom deck. After all, a deck must suit the overall design and décor of a house and the space in which it is inserted. These wood patios and decks will have you looking at timber and planks more creatively, wondering what kind of installation would suit best your patio or garden. Some of the suggestions we are about to present to you may seem complicated. It truly gets back to picking the right deck design, no matter the size of your space, no matter its features or the décor your home has, there must be a right way to do a decking area for each case. We are talking decks and swimming pools aligned, multi-level decks, combining wood and stone, electing the perfect shade for the wood if you want to paint it or leave it raw-looking with the proper preparation for rain. You can go simple or more complex, the important part is that you pick the best design for you, your family and friends, to enjoy all year round, but mostly on sunny and warm days. On those days, nicely decorated deck with lounging chairs may come in handy for doing a bit of relaxing or meditation.  You can create a dining area too, for your private events and dinner parties, all you need to begin is picking the kind of wood patios and decks you like the best for your own enjoyment, and we’re here to help.

Cheri Bigs from backyardmastery.com

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