34 Live Edge Outdoor Dining Table Suggestions

We have covered the solid slab dining table, this time; we are about to focus on the live edge outdoor dining table suggestions our team could find online. Your new live end table can be the edge furniture missing on your lawn. Shall you go for a live edge outdoor dining table, you can play with details, such as the chairs to go with it, the legs for wood slab table that would match the best with the slab table and, the finishing live edge wood is quite valuable too. We decided to bring you the best examples for a live edge outdoor dining table we could find online to help you out in deciding how your new table should look like if you go for a live edge table for your outdoor space, where you can entertain your family and friends. These outdoor dining tables look great when they match or stand out in your yard or garden and can be a nice conversation starter piece.  You can go for plain and straightforward, leaving the wood as rough as possible or, on the other hand, go for a more polished look, with which you can dress your table up, no matter the size you work for. It is nice to have a good old nice big table to accommodate as many guests as possible, though, so your summer dinners or barbeques are presented in style for your family and friends. So you can work on the size of the slab table or even how tall it should be, as pillows can make excellent seats for a more intimate kind of dining party. So pay attention to the solid slab dining table examples we found: they can look great with lovely décor, centerpieces, and lighting fixtures. On the other hand, they may be more of a plain table, but they surely will fit your garden better than nearly every other kind of table, so browse our gallery to find the exact table you need.