How to Attract Squirrels to the Backyard?

How to attract squirrels

Most people think that squirrels are just pests because they scamper around and steal your birdfeeders. But if you look closely, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular backyard animals. They are cute, cuddly, and fun to watch. If you want to make these little …


What Are Grub Worms? (How to Get Rid of Them?)

What Are Grub Worms - How to Get Rid Of Grub Worms

Grubs are one of the most destructive pests in a lawn. They can destroy your grass roots and cause damage to the turf. Grub worms are a type of larvae used for fishing bait or composting purposes. These worms can be found in your lawn and will eat at the …


What Is a Rick of Wood? – How Many Ricks In a Cord Of Wood?

What Is a Rick of Wood

When buying wood for your fire pit you will need to know about the different units of measurement for firewood. There are different ways of measuring firewood that can be a bit confusing. A rick of wood is another term that people use when referring to firewood. A rick of firewood …


Why Put Sand in the Bottom of a Fire Pit? (What Kind?)

Why Put Sand in the Bottom of a Fire Pit

Fire pits are designed to allow you to enjoy the benefits of a campfire experience without all the work. Simply put a fire pit in your backyard and you’re done! Sand helps ensure that the heat in your fire pit is dissipated evenly and this way protecting your fire pit …


41 Modern Planter Box Ideas for Your Backyard Designs

Modern Planter Box Ideas

Modern planter boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from circular to square – which means you’ll find the perfect design for your space! Modern planter boxes are not only good at holding plants but can also be used as an accent piece for any interior …


38 Small Terrace Design Ideas to Maximize Your Small Space

Small Terrace Design Ideas

The Small Terraces are a great way to enjoy the outside and maximize your home’s value at the same time. Small terrace spaces can be difficult to design, but there are plenty of ways you can make them feel larger without having to renovate! Here are 38 Small Terrace Design …


31 Boho Outdoor Ideas For Your Decor and Design Concepts

Boho Outdoor Ideas

Boho outdoor decor and design concepts are probably the best way to go if you are looking into relaxing spots for your backyard. Feel at peace with these bohemian modern decor for your outdoor spaces, as they will inevitably invite you into becoming a calmer person. In this post, you …