20 Interesting Backyard Designs with Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

This time we have got backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen ideas for you. There are many ways in which one can adapt their outdoor kitchen to the surrounding area, including the pool. It is known that swimming pools and bars go along very well, but what about a full outdoor kitchen? Having a nice barbeque by the pool, having a light snack and a few soft drinks to enjoy the warm weather sure sounds great, so why not combine an outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool when designing your backyard? You can have a built in bbq in your kitchen unit, that would be very cool, and if you are going for the dream, you can perfectly decide to go for a luxury looking outdoor kitchen with a custom pool. Sure you can opt for a basic outdoor kitchen, but why stop there? Use up space you have available in your backyard and create one of the best backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen available. Even when completely separate, yet in the same general area, it is useful to have both of these features in your yard: the swimming pool for relaxing and exercising and the kitchen for pleasant meals outside after some hours of swimming. Add a comfortable lounging area or a full outdoor living room, and you will be set for having a complete outdoor living area with all you need to enjoy sunny days and warm evenings with your family and friends. Your outdoor kitchen will be complete with sturdy cabinets and a good grill for those summer meals. Our team went for interesting backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen and found some ideas you can mix and match to create your design. Start pinning, start planning, find the right builders and you will end up having a useful outdoor living area. Enjoy!

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Cheri Bigs from backyardmastery.com

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