48 Fresh Outdoor Shower Ideas

We bet you could use a nice outdoor shower on those long hot days. Well, you are in for a treat, as we gathered some cool ideas for you. There are so many ideas and combinations; it will be hard to pick the one that both suits your needs and fits the style you are going for in your yard! From custom shower enclosures to custom shower doors, you can build – or have someone build for you – the outdoor shower of your dreams. We found some outdoor shower designs enclosures online and put them together in this nice post to help you out pinning and finding ideas you can put into practice. What about a wall mounted outdoor shower, or an open one just beside your swimming pool? Our team found the coolest outdoor shower designs available and, as always, we are sharing them with you. After all, our blog is all about helping you on discovering fresh new ideas to improve your living and lounging spaces. There are some more of rustic ideas, but so are some neat modern or contemporary designs that will blow your mind. Having it wooden or stone built, these outdoor shower ideas will have you taking measures and finding where the shower would look best while inserted on the space you have available. Some of these pictures are of open showers, but others depict some more private ones, so whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Some of these look like pieces of art to keep on your garden, others are more of practical ones, but all of them are beautiful in their ways. Do browse the gallery we prepared just for you, you will be surprised at what can be done with outdoor shower ideas. Do not forget to come back for more excellent ideas!

Cheri Bigs from backyardmastery.com

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