36 Garden Paving Designs to Make the Best out of Your Outdoor Space

Why should one go for plain pavers in backyard when there are so many garden paving designs anyone can go entirely creative and design your very own and personalized pattern? Paver patterns can look so great when everyone else is still going for the same old garden maintenance for years and years! You can go for backyard patio designs with pavers, for instance, concrete paver patterns or even limestone paving slabs!

Do use your imagination or hire a nice yard designer and you will see how great your outdoor décor can get to be! Once you have figured your paver patio plans, complete with patio paver patterns too personalized to be replicated you will be proud of your backyard. It sure can look amazing all done with lawn and flower beds and maybe some decks, but pavers are also a good option too, depending on how you idealized your yard to be and, of course, the style of the house. If you choose wisely, your garden paving designs can match your home and be timeless at the same time!

Go for patterns, yellow brick paths, more than one level, stone contrast, lawn and pavement equilibrium – yet not all at once – and you will not regret the result if you pick wisely. We found some great examples online and put together a different gallery of garden paving designs you can check and get inspired by to design your own yard or ask someone to do so for you.

Professionals of the paving and gardening fields sure will know what to do with your outdoor space, but you are the boss, you are who will see the unusual patterns every day, so be in control of what is done! Here are 36 great ideas for garden paving designs, complete with contrast and balance, we hope you enjoy!

Cherry Biggs

Cheri is the creator of Backyard Mastery. Cheri's passion for backyard design began in 2003. She worked as an editor for other backyard-related websites before she created Backyard Mastery and has been featured in media outlets around the world. Her work has also been recognized by some of the top influencers in home design and decor. For Cheri, taking care of her backyard is therapeutic. Read more about Cheri here