26 Splendid Takes on a Pool with Water Feature

A pool with water feature always looks classy and adds that extra freshness to your summer afternoons. Here at our website, we found that waterfalls and wall mounted water features are amazing additions to any swimming pool when done right. If your swimming pool also has a spa unit, the effect is even better, all you need to know is how to add these pool with water feature ideas in the best way possible to achieve that elegant and fresh look to your backyard. You can go for a natural looking swimming pool or pond with a cascading waterfall, for instance, or obtain the most contemporary look with an in-pool water feature, or a fountain which leads the water to your swimming pool. A nice swimming pool with water feature can also work with other landscaping ideas, such as a decking area with lounge chairs – or a full outdoor living room – attached to the pool area. Another possible way to go is to play with contrasts and have both the water feature and a fire one, with a fire pit or several fire features along the poolside. Other additions to a cool swimming pool with water feature include a sitting area inside the pool yet sheltered from the water, or perhaps an outdoor tv screen near the pool so you can relax in the water while watching a movie or a game on a hot day. Pools with water features can be done in any number of ways, one just needs to figure out which kind of features would look the best with their current swimming pool. It is important to decide which design they like the best when designing a new backyard area with swimming pool – and, of course, water features – to match their tastes in décor and the way they’d complement the existent landscape. Take a look at what we found!