29 of the Best Outdoor Living Rooms

The best outdoor living rooms bring the indoor comfort outside in style, so you can enjoy your backyard and still feel relaxed as if you were inside. By connecting the feeling of comfort to the enjoyment of outdoor areas, you will get the best of both worlds; this is why today we bring you some beautiful outdoor living spaces for you to take into consideration when planning and designing your new home. Either you are going for covered patio designs or a plain under the stars, living room furniture idea; you may find some great examples of those here in this post’s gallery. We looked for outdoor sitting area furniture for you to create the best outdoor living rooms you know you need. These rear patio plans and ideas are suitable for yards of many sizes, and depending on the room you have available, plenty can be done. Great outdoor living spaces are more needed than one would think, as it is fantastic to enjoy the outdoors just outside one’s place, especially on hot days and warm nights. Our team took to the web in search of patios and gardens designed for outdoor living and enjoyment.  By combining these best outdoor living rooms with an outdoor kitchen, for instance, you will create an outstanding outdoor area for you to enjoy summer days and nights with your family and friends. Think of comfy couches and pillows, a nice coffee table perhaps made out of pallets, a nice outdoor fireplace and you will get one of the best outdoor living rooms you can think. After all, the secret is in the details, so go beyond furniture and think décor too. We have found some great examples to inspire you into creating an amazing space to hang out in, drink a glass of wine by the fire, watch a movie or just meditate, go ahead and take a look at what we have found!

Cherry Biggs

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