37 Luxury Tree Houses You’d Like to Move Into

Are you aware of the numerous luxury tree houses popping out everywhere? Yes, it is true, tree houses are not just for kids anymore, you can even sleep in treehouse with all the commodities an excellent bed and breakfast could offer! Of course these luxury tree houses are entirely different from the treehouse designs for kids, they are more involved and comfortable and fantastic looking. We bet that, by the end of this post, you will never catch yourself building a simple tree house when you can even look into treehouse homes.

What an amazing way to live: close to Nature, up above the ground, leaving the old tree house you had as a kid behind by upgrading it into one of these luxury tree houses. It sounds creative and innovative, does it not? You can even go for a theme, such as a beach tree house or a rustic one that would leave the Robinson Family jealous! Luxury tree houses can offer you quite a unique experience, either you rent one for a family – or romantic – Weekend or you build one yourself and, who knows, move in!

This post was quite fun to put together, and we all want to build luxury tree houses for ourselves, we are aware you will too, by the time you finish looking into our gallery of luxury tree houses pictures. Think of these as a new way to connect with Nature but still feeling comfy and cozy, it must sound as marvelous for you as it does for us! A night spent up in a luxury tree house with everything we need? Sign us up! And you are next in line after these luxury tree houses roll! There are tree houses you would love to move in! Some glamping places offer tree houses yurts, which do sound incredible too, does it not? Well, we are off to find the prettiest coziest one to book, enjoy the post!